Benefits of introducing a Childcare Voucher Scheme

  • Gives your employees a real financial benefit, saving them up to £933 per annum
  • The scheme is self-financing
  • Financial savings for you on Employers National Insurance Contributions
  • Financial savings for you on Corporation Tax
  • Helps to promote your image as a 'Family Friendly' employer
  • Improved staff retention - by reducing your employees' childcare costs, it helps to make it worthwhile to work
  • Demonstrates commitment to your staff
  • Improves staff motivation and morale and therefore productivity
  • An excellent benefit to help recruit staff
  • A simple and flexible scheme to introduce and administer
  • No minimum number of employees required

More Information
To find out how easy and quick it is for you to set up a Childcare Voucher Scheme in your Company simply call us on 01280 851113 and one of our experts will guide you through the process in as little as 10 minutes or Request a Call Back or Request an Information Pack.

Small Business?
This information is for small businesses wishing to take advantage of childcare vouchers where the Parents work within their own company. The company must be a limited company whereby the owners are Directors / employees of the company.  The Scheme does not work for the self-employed. Some smaller companies do run the scheme on an additional benefit basis which enables you to receive further income from the company in the form of Childcare Vouchers Tax and NI free (up to a maximum of £243 per month) and also the value of the vouchers and administration fees are a cost to the company and, therefore, set against the Corporation Tax. Call our Employee Benefits Helpline on 01280 851113 and discuss which options are best for you. More... 

Self-Administered Scheme?
If you are a small business with less than 25 employees we also offer a Self Administrered Scheme Package. We will prepare and provide you with all the documentation, support and advice required, and assist you to set up your own in house Childcare Voucher Scheme. You are then left tun run the Scheme yourself. We charge a one off payment of £175 + VAT for companies with less than 25 employees. ​If you have more than 25 employees but are interested in this option please contact us on 01280 851113 for a quotation. If you wish to proceed with a Self Administered Scheme please complete and return our Self Administered Childcare Vouchers Scheme Order Form  and we will prepare the package for you by return.

Levels Of Service Offered by Gemelli to Employers

  • We can offer you a complete service package, managing the entire Childcare Voucher Scheme from start to finish.  This includes initial staff surveys, dealing with Salary Sacrifice Agreements, notifying HMRC, calculating employee requirements, registering all the employees and their Childcare Providers, liaising with Payroll, submitting vouchers and finally redeeming vouchers with Carers
  • We can simply be your Childcare Vouchers provider, offering support and assistance as required
  • We can come into your company and set up a Childcare Vouchers Scheme for you to operate yourselves

Points to Consider When Setting up a Childcare Voucher Scheme

  • The Childcare Voucher Scheme must be made available to all employees
  • Childcare vouchers provided using a Salary Sacrifice Scheme must not take the employee's reduced pay below the National Minimum Wage
  • A log is kept detailing the child using the childcare - their name and date of birth
  • Maintain details of the childcare providers used including their Registration or Approval Number and Date of Expiry
  • The maximum amount of vouchers which can be taken by employees free from tax and National Insurance Contributions is capped at £55 per week or £243 per month for basic rate tax payers and £124 per month for higher rate tax payers

But don't worry you can leave all of this to Gemelli to handle on your behalf...To find out how easy and quick it is for you to set up a Childcare Voucher Scheme in your Company simply call us on 01280 851113 and one of our experts will guide you through the process in as little as 10 minutes or Request an Information Pack.